Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knock It Down

Every good game, no matter how simple, is based on a simple premise. One simple game concept that is sure to enchant every boy heart and most girl hearts too is the concept of knocking something down. Be it a block tower, a sand castle, a bowling pin or a parent--kids love knocking things down. I often build upon this simple game with kids gradually by finding more and more complicated ways  to knock something down.  These complications are good because it keeps the game from getting boring and it involves more social interaction in the form of planning, negotiation, coordination, tool use, and strategy--to say nothing of all the language and communication that complicated games of knocking stuff down requires.  So, I highly recommend that you consider this simple premise--your child is very likely to enjoy a game if, in some way, he or she is able to dislodge something and send it tumbling downward.  Start simple and keep at it and you may end up with something like this:

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Sue said...

Hi Tahiri

I showed this video clip to a 14 year old student with ASD who was in revovery phase after a a 'meltdown' today. He recovers best when he watches visual images. He was so relaxed by the end of that 4 minutes it was amazing!
Loved the post too by the way :)