Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Autism Games Website Launched

Welcome Visitors!

Please Come In to see my new 
 Autism Games Website!

Still on Tahirih's Imagination Lane at www.autismgames.org


Anonymous said...

Dear Tahirih,

I am an Australian Speech Pathologist and I've been trying to show your wonderful website to staff at one of our local primary schools. Sadly - the computers at the school are all blocking access to your website - probably because it contains the word 'games'. We will eventually be able to sort this problem out - but in the meantime - I'm experiencing difficulties printing out a whole page. Would it be possible to add a 'print friendly' button to your groovy new website?

Tahirih said...

Hi Dear Colleague in Australia,
I will try to find a way to add a print friendly button. In some ways, it is amazing that I have accomplished as good of a website as I have since I know literally nothing about programing in html but Google has provided a system that is similar in ease of use to a word processor, so I don't have to know anything. I will look around on the website to see if they have this option. If not, at that point I will need to beg online or something to try to find someone who knows how to do this. It is great to hear that the website is useful to you. Tahirih

Beth Up North said...

So happy the new site is up... going to see it now!