Friday, December 7, 2007

Calling and Greeting Game

Learning to call and greet people can be hard for many youngsters with ASD. I often start to teach the skill in a swing. This swing from Ikea, which only costs $20.00, is perfect for this purpose because the child can't see anyone from inside the swing except the person in front of him or her. Again, for the record, I don't make any money on the toys that I recommend (although I would be happy to accept donations if any company ever offered me one :) I just put toys and materials up on this blog or the website if I find it useful. I buy several of these swings whenever I am at Ikea (three hours from where I live) and then resell them at cost to all the families who want one as soon as we play some of our swing games at the clinic. You will find more Calling and Greeting Games on the Web Site, Autism Games if you click here. Below is a clip of a simple Calling and Greeting Swing Game:

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