Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Theater In Life Enhances Memory

Before we had cameras, we found ways to enhance our memory for events that we wanted to remember forever. There is no better example of this than a wedding since many parts of a wedding celebration were created long ago. For a wedding, we don costumes, write or read scripts, read poetry, create sets, add food, music and dancing.  For a wedding, we create moments unlike any ordinary moments and regardless of whether we think of ourselves as performers, on our wedding day we are stars. Everyone who loves us, conspires to make our wedding play a memorable performance, playing their role as perfectly as they possibly can.  It is not a fictional story we tell with this play, it is a moment in our life story that we want to savor.  I thought about all of this as my daughter married her chosen co-star in life this last month. Theater is a wonderful strategy for telling a story, creating meaning, exploring and enjoying shared emotion, and making large the things we need to think about and remember.


Sue said...

Is that your last wedding for a while?
What a busy year for you.
Happy New year

Tahirih said...

All my children are now married and it is my sincere desire that I will never do this much wedding planning again in my life.

Sue said...

Now for the grand children!

Unknown said...

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