Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Wedding

My youngest daughter is married!  We managed a sunrise wedding for 180 people on the beach.  That was quite a feat, let me tell you.  After months of planning, they walked away as a married couple and I felt joy for them and for me as well.  I have completed the most important job in life--parenting our children into adulthood.

Now, my husband and I are on to the next phase in life.  I am conscious of new hopes and dreams.  I hope we will be great in-laws and parents to our adult children.   I dream of family gatherings with a new generation of children. I long to be a grandmother, because I am convinced that second after parents, grandparents are often the most important people in the world to children.

Meanwhile, I am so happy that my daily life is full of children who make me laugh and think and keep me playing every day.


Niksmom said...

Congratulations! Everything about this made me smile. I love how you appreciate the riches in your life. Mazel tov!

Liz Ditz said...

Congratulations to the bride & groom, and to the families. The event looked lovely.

ibeeeg said...

Congrats on your daughter's marriage. It sounds like a lovely day. I can only imagine the day when each of my children marry, if they decide to do so. Not certain I am ready for that, so fortunately my oldest is only 20.