Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Ready for a Wedding

I have not found much time for blogging lately because I have been preparing for my daughter's wedding.  Malika and Joe are going to be married at sunrise on the beach where we live--half a mile down the road.  It sounded like a simple charming idea to have a wedding here in our own neighborhood, and it still sounds charming but it does not seem so simple anymore.  Three weeks away, tomorrow, and the list of things to do seems endless. Who will pick up your grandpa from the airport? How many tables do they have at the Beach House?   Andy's band will come and play some music at the breakfast but only if we can find a place for them to stay the night before the wedding. Nobody from Joe's family has ever heard of the mystery lady that we have listed as attending the wedding so is she a real person?  And on and on.  This is my life lately and for the next three weeks. It is an unbelievable challenge to get all the pieces in place for a wedding. Meanwhile, the couple are dancing happily toward their wedding day and I just hope they have as much fun being married as they appear to be having now. For better or for worse, in three weeks, those kids are getting married.


Sue said...

Congratulations. I feel for you. I have just spent the weekend doing the 18th birthday celebration (the official drinking age in Australia so a very big deal here) for my eldest son and I am exhausted!
I am sure it will all be fine. Borrow the veil and have a spin yourself when it is all done :-)

Tahirih said...

Thank you Sue. I somehow never anticipated how it would actually be to plan a wedding and I think I will take you up on that and Ron and I will take a spin when this is done.