Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Wonderful Aimee Mullins

I watched two videos of talks by Aimee Mullins on TED recently.  Both were inspiring and worth watching.  I have embedded the most recent first but I don't know which talk I liked better.

This is the second video and I watched this one several times over. It had an impact on my dreams--literally and I will talk about that at some time in the future.  Enjoy.


mjsuperfan said...

This is not a comment on the Aimee Mullins post, but I wanted to let you know that you are my new hero. I just found your autism games website.
I have five year old twins with autism who have been frustrating teachers and therapists for years. They are sweet and happy, can talk (a little) and sing (a lot), but are very hard to reach. Your approach is exactly the kind of thing that works for them, but it's hard to keep coming up with new ideas.
I'm going to start trying some of your basic games with them this afternoon.
Thank you for your wonderful work.

Tahirih said...

Mom to JBG,
I hope you will let me know if the games work for your children as well as you hope. Good luck. Tahirih

Sue said...

Hi Tahirih,
I've finished watching the first video. What an amazing lady. I don't know her story so I am about to go and 'Google' her.

Sue said...

Hi again,
I have just spent the past few hours reading about Aimee Mullins and watching lots of Youtube footage about her. I have also posted about your post. I hope that lots of people come to visit you as a result. Thanks for the big dose of inspiration.