Monday, January 11, 2010

Iceberg Fun

Nancy Johnston's Iceberg Play area has been a hit this week at the Scottish Rite Clinic.  She froze a couple of bowls of water colored with blue or green food dye each night and then set these Icebergs up in the water table. They lasted all day and entertained many children. With a few polar bears and penguins, the setting was complete.  One week, the children spent time squeezing various colors of water (food dye again) into the icebergs with a nasal syringe and making holes in the icebergs. Filling, pouring, squeezing--these activities are very engaging and adding food color to anything is riveting. This week, the kids have been knocking the animals off the icebergs by sliding balls down a piece of rain gutter.

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Sue said...

What a great idea. It is so hot in Australia ( 40 degrees).I am thinking this might be a great hot weather activity for us when the children return to school. We will have to freeze our bowls of ice in the freezer though :)