Sunday, November 15, 2009

Congradulations Sandy Nelson

I want to give a shout out to my friend, Sandy Nelson because she has just become an American Citizen!  I am proud to share country with this amazing woman.  Ours is an International family venture as well with two of the Busheys becoming citizens and, the news of Sandy brought back some fond memories. We have a special term for people like Sandy, coined years ago by our then three year old daughter, after she became an American Citizen.  Malika was adopted from India and we applied on her behalf for citizenship about a year after her adoption was complete.  As soon as she was officially an American, we started pointing out the American flag to her and we would always say, Sweetheart, that is your flag.  Now you are an American Citizen.  She would grin at the flag, basically with no idea of what we were talking about, but she would catch our enthusiasm.  Soon, she was pointing out all the American flags as we drove and announce each time I am an American Cinnamon!    So, Sandy, the Bushey Family officially pronounces that you, Dear Friend, are An American Cinnamon!

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