Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sensory Room

Here is an enjoyable website activity that will allow you and your child to create a fantasy Sensory Room.  The sensory room has options like what kind of bubble to put in the bubble tubes and what kind of music to play on the boombox.  I am always looking at these things as context for some communication goal since that is what I do.  Here is my idea:  Have each person in the family create their own personal favorite sensory room.  Talk about colors, music, themes, and all the other choices comparing what Mom likes and Dad likes and sister likes and so on.  Print each fantasy sensory room out when all choices have been made. 

For some children this would be a joint attention game.  For others a turn-taking activity.  For still other, an opportunity to learn new vocabulary words.  For children with strong language skills, you might want to make a chart and compare and contrast the way each person was the same or was different from others in the family.  E.g.  Dad loves bats but Mom loves fish.  Mom and Dad both liked the star sky.  I would think of this as a Theory of Mind game because it illustrates for the child differences and similarities in the way different people think.

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