Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Monster Game

I think of many games as being Safe Emergency Games--meaning that the game is a little bit scary but still safe.  This quality in a game seems to make it interesting for children but finding the "just right" amount of scariness is important.  Too scary and the child can't tolerate the game.    Halloween is a community wide Safe Emergency Game but it is often too scary for children with ASD.  I have been doing many versions of this Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) game with children this month to help children prepare for Halloween.  Next week, I plan to add monster masks for some children.  Here is one family playing this game together:


Mel said...

I played the Monster Game with my class yesterday and they loved it! I used a monster puppet instead of wearing a mask.

Tahirih said...

This game is wildly popular with kids. I keep trying to find new communication skills to teach kids while playing this game. If you think of any good ways to use this game to teach new things, please share your ideas.