Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stage Play Week Five

Would you like to see and hear more about Stage Play? Go to:

Great Photos From Stage Play From the Duluth News Tribune

Great Article on Stage Play From the Duluth News Tribune

Guest Post:
Tamara Pogin, M.A. CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

The game that parents and kids can play at home from this weeks Stage Play lesson:

Dance Freeze
  1. lights are turned off (or low)
  2. one or more people get ready to dance
  3. music starts ( lively tune works better)
  4. one or several people shine flashlights all around the dancer
  5. Music stops
  6. Dancer/s freeze and flashlights freeze on the Dancer
  7. Music starts again and the lights and the Dancer/s move again
New Vocabulary for this week:

Stage Lighting-
The special lights that are focused on the stage.

Spotlight- A bright light that is usually focused on one actor during a special moment .

Gel- The special colored film that can be placed over lights to create different colors.

Gobo- metal plate that slides over lights to create patterns and designs on stage.

Definitions adapted from Let’s Put on a Show! A beginner’s theatre handbook for young actors by Adrea Gibbs

At the Stage Play Acting Classes this week, we will have Lighting Specialist, Ken Pogin, demonstrating special lights and lighting effects.

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