Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stage Play Costumes and Props

Here is a video model for the costume game that we will play this week:

Introducing costumes and props has inspired our young actors--some to try new pretend ideas that are demonstrated for them and other actors are starting to improvise original ideas.

We have been happy and sometimes amazed at how motivated the kids have been but we have also been aware that our visual supports are helping the young actors participate. Using an Actor Card, an Audience Card, a Director Card (what we have started calling Roles on a Stick) the children have been able to understand who is suppose to do what and when. Without these cards, at least initially, we know there would have been more confusion and more behavioral challenges. After five weeks of acting classes, we are just using the Director Card since they have the idea of being an Actor or an Audience as directed.

Having the areas of the stage designated with floor signs (i.e.Stage Right, Stage Left, Center Stage, Upstage, Downstage) has allowed our actors to know exactly where to be on stage and this, too, has eased the anxiety that many of our youngsters would otherwise feel.

We did not make a picture to represent the idea of costume or prop but it was hard to find something that would represent the idea of "prop" and costumes are familiar to our kiddos already. The actors wanted to talk about costumes that they had at home from the moment we brought the topic up.

It was another good week of Stage Play Acting classes.

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