Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Therapy Room

Yesterday, the parent of a child that I see, told me that my room was not comfortable for him, visually. He has a form of autism, himself, and has become an invaluable consultant to me on many things. I thought that I had made our therapy room visually comfortable for children with autism by choosing a soft light color for the walls and carpet, choosing solid and cool colors for the mats and avoiding florescent lights. But, apparently, there is more that I need to do.

Here is one source of information that I found as I have renewed my study of autism friendly room design:

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BeAGoodDad said...

Thanks for the link. Our son (with autism) and his twin sister share a room and the toddler younger sister has her own. We're getting ready to make the swap to group the girls and have been trying to think of ways to make our son's room something that he will appreciate more.

It's hard to remember that monotones are better for him when he gets so excited by color...but that's the point of not coloring up the bedroom which really shouldn't be so stimulating.