Friday, May 22, 2009

Paper Doll Practice

The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls by Julie Collings allows you to make some very classy Paper Dolls using the extensive wardrobe options and scenes. Above, you can see Paper Doll Tahirih, celebrating a birthday in the park. Yes, my real birthday is approaching so I need to practice being happy about getting older. I am totally considering buying myself some boots since I think I look pretty cool wearing boots. Who knew?

Below, you will see a simple Ginger Bread Man version of me on the beach with a puppy. Simple or elaborate, this kind of personalized paper doll allows you to teach your child so many things. With a Paper Doll version of your son or daughter & family members or school friends you can help your child practice events that are a little too exciting, complicated, difficult, or just a little too new.

Here are some of the things you can help your child understand using Paper Doll People:
  1. Trying new food
  2. Getting a haircut
  3. Going potty on the toilet
  4. Saying Hi
  5. Choosing and putting on clothing
  6. Asking a friend to play
  7. Classmates names
  8. Moving pieces on board games (put your child's picture right on the movable boardgame piece)
You get the idea, right?

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