Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Video Clips Now Available to More Viewers

The big news on my website, Autism Games, is that I have found a host for my video clips in addition to YouTube. I have been committed to creating a website with no expenditure of money--which is possible even for the technologically challenged thanks to my hero companies, Google and YouTube. But I ran into one glitch. Many potential website users could not see the video clips because these folks work in places where YouTube is blocked. Schools and many medical institutions block these sites. Douglas Pirila, who has created a community website in town, Lakeside Duluth, offered to house my clips on his site. Then, Patrick Cooke helped me get my clips on Lakeside Duluth. So, yesterday I started the process of adding an Alternative Link for each video clip along the sidebar of all my web pages so that anyone with Windows Media Player can see my clips in one way or another. It may take me a while to complete, but it is possible now and still no expenditure of money. Yeah! Thank-you, Douglas Pirila, Fishing Webmaster, LLC., and Patrick Cooke, for your generosity and help making Autism Games a better website.

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