Friday, March 13, 2009

Rubber Duck Games

There are as many games to play with Rubber Ducks as there are variations on Rubber Ducks. Start by getting a cool collection of say, 10 or more ducks. The more the better--up to a point. Click here for one extensive duck collection or visit any toy store--but get identical pairs of ducks and make sure each pair is distinctively different from the others. Let's start with a traditional play idea:

Bath Game 1
(good if your child is not yet talking)

Put the ducks up on a high shelf or on the other side of the room from the bathtub then call the ducks, one-by-one Du-uck, Come here! and bring a duck over to put it in the tub. Gesture for the duck to come with your hand as you call it.

Take the ducks out of the tub, one-by-one saying Bye Bye Duck and put it back where it was on the other side of the room.

Bath Game 2

(good if your child is starting to say words or use pictures to communicate)

Take a photo of each kind of duck and laminate it--leaving a little edge of plastic around the photo so no water can get in. Play the game the same as the previous game except that you should call each duck by name while looking at the duck you intend to get for your child. Pirate Duck, Come here! Let your child pick ducks by looking at, touching, or handing you a photo of the duck--or by calling the duck. Since your child takes a bath pretty often, don't worry if he or she actually says the names of the duck or uses the pictures to choose--just keep playing the game every bathtime.
Bath Game 3
(Good for if your child is talking and you are working on conversation)
Play as in previous games, only after you and your child have settled on names for all the ducks, use clues to get the ducks. For example, you say: A duck that has a red hat. Your child says Fireman Duck!
More duck games to come.....

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