Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Holiday Photo Activity:  Help your child take digital pictures of your Holiday Gathering.  Possible language activities with Holiday Pix:
  1.  If two different people, say grandpa and your child, both take pictures of the same event, say the family meal or the card game after dinner, there can be some great comparison discussions about what happened, what was the best and the worst, who did what and why--this activity can help your child see the same event through the eyes of another person.
  2. If you put your child's photos in a word document or glue them on blank white paper, you can make a book that teaches new vocabulary, simple phrases, or how to tell the story of an event.
  3. You can quickly print up the best of your child's photo's and let your child give each holiday participant a gift to take home.
  4. You can take full body shot pictures of every person standing against a door and then print the pictures up, 8 x10 size and then cut heads off and mix and match different people's heads with different people's bodies.   Or, match the correct head with the correct body--depending on which activity would be the most fun for your child.
If you have better or more holiday photo ideas, send them to me!

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