Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tic Tac Tony--My Pick as a First Game

I love Tic Tac Tony as a first box game. It is easy to teach. Each game round is over quickly, allowing your child to complete the game and even to play with more than one partner before being tired of the game. It is easy to teach your child to take turns, since there is an clear visual organization -- Mommy is red and you are blue! A sneaky adult can get a turn in so fast that even if your child tends to protest when others take a turn, there is not time for protest. There is a sensory zing in this game in flinging the discs up and into Tony's belly by pulling down on Tony's tail so winning really does feel secondary, as it should be. Anyway, you need not even mention winning if you don't feel your child is ready. It is not hard to make sure your child wins more often than you do when you do want your child to learn about competition.

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