Friday, May 2, 2008

Eddy Lectures

Here in Minnesota, one of the great bargains in continuing education for professionals or parents interested in speech and language intervention topics are the Fall, Spring, and Summer Eddy Lectures. They bring in world-class speakers and charge only $50.00. These lectures are held at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. This month, on May 31st, Susan Norwell will be the presenter. She will be speaking on Emergent Literacy For the Child with Autism: The Building Block Model. It seems rather odd that I should be recommending this workshop, given that I will be presenting a workshop on the same day but she really is a good speaker and has great, clinically useful information to share. Also, my workshop is for a limited audience and so I am not really likely to lose audience to her. Plus, it is easier and more fun to talk to a small crowd so if I did, that would not be all bad. Just kidding. Come see me if you are invited but if you are free that day, go see Susan Norwell in my city, Duluth.

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