Saturday, March 8, 2008

Speech Generating Devices Three--Click Clack Caterpillar

My name is Emily Goldhammer and I am a Personal Care Attendant (I work in the home with a child who has autism) and have been recently using a speech generating device in my work. I also volunteer at the Scottish Rite Clinic with Tahirih and have had the opportunity to create games and videotape them with her.

One such game we created to incorporate the SuperTalker Progressive Communicator in play with the Click Clack Caterpillar game. This game is great for encouraging the child to request what s/he wants you (the adult) to do as well as what item to put down the chute. The child also has opportunities to comment on what is happening (Uh-oh! Fix it! Too loud!). Some children may need to view this video before playing the game with you (which is called watching a video model). Others may need you to demonstrate what you want them to do. The majority of children will catch on quite quickly and enjoy playing the game. Be creative – mix it up! Maybe you give them a cube that does not fit down the chute. Maybe you send more than one ball/oval down at a time. Demonstrate and encourage your child to use their emotions and comments while playing this game. This toy can be found at Beyond Play. As always, no one involved in this web site has any financial interests in the toys or materials discussed--these are simply materials we use and have found to work well with children.

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