Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Singing Art Together and Stringing Art Together

I will take a break with the Speech Generating Devices Series of posts for at least one day and give you two game websites to try with your child. First, on Ze Frank's flower meditation site, you can sing together (you need a microphone on your computer) and a beautiful flower will grow and change with your voice!

With Ze Frank's string art program, you can make some wonderful string art and set it spinning around. Spend a few minutes figuring the program out before you do it with your child but here are some social phrases you can introduce as you play:

What color string should we choose?
One string or two strings?
Make a wiggle string or straight string?
How about a zig zag sting this time?
Let's make a letter--maybe letter M.
I will make a H for happy.
Are we done drawing strings?
Time to spin!
You push spin!
Wow! That is beautiful!
Push pause.
We can look together.
Let's show mom!

Now I will not send you to Ze Frank's comedy video skits because these are too adult in content to share with your child--which is the purpose of this blog. I am trying to stay focused on my professional goal and just talk about games and activities and strategies for communicating with your child. But I will say that I laughed so hard over some of Ze Frank's video skits that I had tears running down my face--so if you had a stressful day being a parent, you might want to look up Ze Frank on Google and have a good laugh before tucking in for the night. And just to introduce you to Ze Frank so that you can get a sense of his mature brand of humor, here he is featured in a Simone Says (Does) Game where you need to remember and repeat the pattern.

For lots more games sure to please young children with ASD (and their dads, brothers, and maybe even mothers) go to http://www.zefrank.com/

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