Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Parents

I have been wondering where this boat is going? I don't exactly see myself as captain on this trip because you are the ones with your children and I am just along for the ride--with my opinions, as numerous as they are, as mere suggestions on where you might go together. I long for more information about you, your children, your journey.

I see the numbers going up and up on my blog and website visit counter, so I know that many of you are reading this blog and visiting the autismgames website. I am really quite astonished by the numbers of visitors and how long some of you are staying. What I don't know is, are you trying any of the ideas? What happens when you do? Am I giving you enough information for you to be successful? Are you able to pick out games that are the right developmental level for your child? Do you need to see longer demonstrations or need to see the same game made easier for one child and made more complex for another? Do I need to create games with more easily acquired toys or materials? Can you integrate the game ideas here into the various intervention methods that you are using with your child? Can you get help modifying games that you see here from professionals that you see each week? Are you having fun with your child as you play together? Is your child learning new words, new gestures, new ways to be with you as you play?

I hope to get a feature added to the games so that you can rate games or comment quickly on each game, but I have not figured out how to do this--let me know if you have the technical solution that would make sense for gathering immediate feed back.

But for now, I hope you will take a moment to drop me a line--either here as a comment or directly by emailing me at Help me know where I should go next with the autismgames project.

Thank you, to those who have emailed or commented and thank you to those of you who do so now.



Jessica said...

I have found your blog and website so helpful. I will write you a longer email when I get a chance telling you what we have tried, what worked, etc...

Tahirih said...

I'd appreciate that. I enjoyed going to see your blog! Tahirih

Beth Up North said...

I am onboard as of today. Have been a lurker for awhile and am now committed to posting. Will you see my posts on older posts of yours?? If so I will happily post away, otherwise will just post into the future. Also happy to use e-mail.
Away we go!

ps This is Beth, mom of Alex :-)