Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monster Game!

Guest Post by Lindsay Addy

Student Intern

The Monster Game is a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) game that Dr. Steven Gutstein demonstrates in his workshops. It is a great game to play with children because it encourages the sharing of emotions, expressive language, and social connection. It is a good early pretend play game. It also gives children a chance to experience and enjoy unpredictability in a structured game. The child does not know what the monster is going to do or when the monster is going to come out. The monster is "unpredictable". In the video clip, you can see how engaged the child is! He is connecting with his mom and the "monster", sharing emotions, using language, and having a really great time!The children I have worked with really enjoy this game and spontaneously ask to play it. It's a functional game that has become a reward for both the children and for me!

For more information about RDI and Dr. Steven Gutstein, you can go to http://www.rdiconnect.com/

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