Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Video Modelling: Do This At Home

I put video models such as the one above on You Tube and I get some scathing reviews! I remove the negative comments unless the comment is a legitimate critique of the video clip as a video model because I figure the You Tube watcher should read the sidebar before passing judgement. But these reviews actually make me laugh because they are not so far off from what I think when I see myself in some of these situations. One fellow lamented that there was not a score lower than 1 that he could give me. I agree that my acting and video taping are pretty bad. If I ran across any of my videos randomly, and I did not know why they were posted, I would give them terrible reviews too. It is just that videos of this quality work fine for the purpose of showing a child how to play a new game. I can't act, I can't sing and I can't draw, but children seem to enjoy my bad acting, only one child has ever looked at me and begged "Tahirih, don't sing!" and I have never had any objections to my drawing although my drawing looks exactly like my third grade drawing minus the charm.

The point is, parents can do what I do and make video models for their children at home with inexpensive video cameras and no talent. I have not set the bar high and most any parent can exceed it. I hope that many will try.


S- said...

Today was the first time I showed one of the youtube videos to a student. I showed the drum game to a young student with communication difficulties. In my classroom at the same time was a fifth grader (with no communication difficulties) who was working on a spelling assignment. The fifth grader looked at the video, and then looked at me, and his look basically said: "Are you kidding?! This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen." The pre-schooler, however, was riveted. And then he did the activity perfectly. And he loved it. And he was engaged with me for much longer than he normally is.

koo' said...

Oh No! Don't these youtube watchers read the blurb?

love, love, love the blog T.

Beverly said...

I have a speech-delayed 3-year-old, and I also own this toy. She is in the hallway right now saying "on, on, on" as she puts on the hats!
That's funny that people would pan you on youtube. I guess an autistic child can understand things that some dope on his computer can't.