Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Grandma's Books

Grandma Lillian did not have any income in her later years but lived with one or another of her children and they took care of her basic needs. She was a treasure in the family and the family knew it but she lived without many material things in her personal possession. In her seventies, she learned that she would qualify to receive social security money. So, after years of having no money, she was excited when she suddenly had a check for several hundred dollars. When she got her first check, she immediately ordered books, buying a whole stack of a book called Children the Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs, MD. She then gave a copy of this book to many, many young parents that she knew. She thought that parenting children was so important and she was excited to be able to support this important work. Grandma, I have not come close in my lifetime to achieving your generosity of spirit but my website, autismgames, is my stack of books.


Parisa Voigt said...

Thank you Tahirih. I had never heard this about Grandma Lillian. I know that your stack of books will be a great benefit to many many parents and children. Lots of love to you, I always enjoy your company, I miss you.

Beth Up North said...

Dear Tahirih,
You are a treasure, just like your Grandma Lillian. It is an honor to know you, and to have worked with you with my little one. You taught me and my family so much, and I pass your knowledge forward often. Thank you for starting this blog.
All the best always,